Straw blower for tractor

Straw blower for tractor

To handle both round and rectangular bales.

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  • Standard equipment:

    The bale is supplied by a continuously adjustable floor conveyor.   
    This machine is equipped with two distribution rollers, as a result hard-packed rectangular bales can be processed without problems.
    The fan is driven by a gearbox with freewheel and a PTO shaft with shear bolt, the two rollers are hydraulically driven.
    As standard, operation is carried out by a valve block on the machine.  Electric operation is also possible, this means that the rear window of the cab may stay closed.  Coupling is by means of a pin (quick-coupling optional).
    The straw is blown approximately 15 m to 18 m.  The blowpipe is opened hydraulically. A 180° swivel pipe and a 45° swivel pipe are available as an option.

  • Specifications:

    Technical specifications:

    Tractor with 80 hp or more, minimum hydraulic oil flow 30 l/min.
    Width: 1.7 m
    Length: 2.2 m
    Height 1.95 m
    Weight: 1200 kg

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