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Straw blower for telescopic handler

<Straw blower for telescopic handler >

Blows left with strong hydraulic driven fan

Two distribution rollers and ground chain with hydraulic engine drive
Feeder chain, adjustable speed
Suitable for rectangular and round straw bales
Oil flow from 60 l/min; recommended oil flow: 100 l/min (15 m spreading distance)
Electrohydraulic operation with 4/3 valves and a joystick (12 V)
Type of bolt coupling: M

  • Standard:

    For both round and rectangular straw bales.
    Straw bale feed by means of a continuously adjustable ground chain.
    This machine is equipped as standard with two distribution rollers. It can, therefore, process hard pressed rectangular bales without problems.
    Standard operation using an electric button panel.
    The straw is blown to a distance of about 5 to 13 metres. The distance depends on the oil flow. The blow pipe is unfolded hydraulically.

    Articulated loader with a minimum flow of 50 l/min.
    Recommended flow: 100 l/min.
    Weight model 2 (large) = +/- 1160 kg.
    Weight model 3 (small) = +/- 1060 kg. (L x W x H; 2.5 m x 1.95 m x 1.95 m)
    The ‘mini’ version is available for the smallest articulated loaders.

  • Options:
    • 45° adjustable pipe
    • 180° adjustable pipe

    Blowing right instead of left.

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