Straw Cultivation

Cubic Master

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The Cubic Master for scattering large quantities of straw or hay. With this machine it is possible to divide up
to one complete pack of straw per ride.

  • Standard:

    This machine is standard equipped with a 1 m wide hydraulically driven unloading belt with which both left and right spreading can be done. Three speed adjustable (opposite the discharge belt) distribution rollers ensure an optimal distribution of the product. The standard attachment ensures that 1 full pack can be taken up. As an option knives can be mounted on the beaters. The attachments can be custom made if necessary.

  • Specifications:
     Cubic Master
    Dimensions (L x B x H) 1 620 x 1 370 x 2 220 mm
    Weight +/- 800 kg
    Oil flow +/- 40-70 l/min

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