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Straw blower DUO

The straw blower DUO is the latest model in the VDW Construction straw processing range.

This straw blower comes standard with a bottom chain, a swivel pipe, a tail lift and not one but two fans. The low design of the machine ensures a well-arranged and ergonomic spreading process. The bottom chain in combination with the aggressive straw development roller ensures a constant supply of straw to the rotating pipe via the two fans.

The machine is available in two formats:

The DUO Compact is suitable for both small articulated and skid steer loaders and small tractors.
The DUO Power is suitable for tractors from 90 hp and telehandlers with a minimum lifting capacity of 2 tons.


Straw blower for telescopic handler

Blows left with strong hydraulic driven fan

Two distribution rollers and ground chain with hydraulic engine drive
Feeder chain, adjustable speed
Suitable for rectangular and round straw bales
Oil flow from 60 l/min; recommended oil flow: 100 l/min (18 m spreading distance)
Electrohydraulic operation with 4/3 valves and a Control box (12 V)
Type of bolt coupling: M

There are 3 Types:

  • Short Model
  • Long Model
  • Model with Tail lift
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