Self-silage-cutting fodder mixer wagon

Self-silage-cutting fodder mixer wagon

Uitkuilen!!!!!!, mixing and unloading with one tractor.

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  • Standard equipment:

    This self-loading wagon is equipped with a silage cutter that can load about 800 kg in 10 seconds.
    Mixing is carried out by Mixing Wings, a patented mixing system developed by VDW Constructie.
    Because the mixing mechanism is not forced, the fodder remains airy. The conveyor at the front discharges to the left and to the right.
    Available in 5 m³ and 7 m³ versions.

    Silage can be cut quickly and without wear
    Affordable investment
    Mixing is fast and the feed remains airy
    Different types of mixes are easy to make, even a half-full wagon mixes very well.
    Only one small tractor is necessary, and no extra tractor or telescopic handler in order to fill it
    The machine is very easy to manoeuver.

  • Options:

    Weighing system with 4 load cells
    Oil circuit on the machine and electric control
    Only electric control
    Beet mill

  • Specifications:

    Dimensions 5 m³:
    Dimensions when not connected (L x W x H): 3.90 m x 2.30 m x 2.80 m
    Net weight: +/- 2500 kg
    Capacity: 5 m³
    Loading capacity: +/- 2200 kg
    Mixed fodder
    Silage cutting system: Silage grabber
    Width of loading blade: 1.80 m.
    Max. silage cutting height: +/- 3 m
    Max. silage cutting depth: +/- 40 cm.
    Weighing system: 4 electronic load cells
    Mixing Principle: Free-fall system
    Discharging: Front discharge conveyor belt, left and right
    Discharge height: +/- 70 cm.
    Drive: Wide angle PTO shaft
    Minimum power requirement: 65 hp.
    Minimum hydraulic oil flow required; 35 l/min. (With built-in oil pump: 60 l/min.)

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