Mixer bucket with vertical auger

Mixer bucket with vertical auger

This bucket is suitable for tractors or telescopic handlers/wheel loaders. 1 or 2 augers can mix everything, even grass bales

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  • Standard equipment:

    Silage can be cut with a claw, silage grabber, saw, cutter etc.
    The ingredients are mixed with 2 augers or one vertical auger, depending on the width of the bucket. The bucket can discharge on either side via a discharge door. There is no discharge conveyor belt or loose auger, so no wear and tear.
    The vertical mixing system is ideal for mixing large quantities of grass, including long grass, and even grass bales. The auger has blades to cut long products, and it is possible to install more.
    If the machine is connected to a tractor, a hydraulic circuit can be used for the mixer bucket.

  • Options:

    Larger model
    Bucket in COBRANOX (highly durable stainless steel)
    Auger in stainless steel
    Various silage cutting systems
    On a telescopic handler:
    On a telescopic handler, loose products only:
    On a tractor:
    With 1 auger, for small wheel loaders

  • Specifications:
    Total widthVolume in m³ +/-Number of augersWeight
    1.2m. 0.59 1 550 kg.
    760kg. with claw
    1.4m. 0.69 1  650 kg.
    1.6m. 0.81 1 720 kg.
    888kg. with claw
    1070kg. with cutter
    1.8m. 0.93 1 780kg.
    2.0m. 2.16 2 950 kg.
    1400 kg. with cutter
    2.2m. 2.33 2 1250kg. with claw
    1610 kg. met kuilhapper
    2.4m. 2.5 2 1440kg. with cutter
    1640 kg. met kuilhapper
    2.6m. 2.67 2  

    Larger models are also available

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