Fodder bucket - 2 augers - tractor/telescopic handler

<Fodder bucket - 2 augers - tractor/telescopic handler >

The fodder bucket with two augers is suitable for corn, pulp, beet, potato and short grass (with grass version option).


  • Standard:

    The fodder buckets with two augers one above the other can discharge to the left and to the right. A rotating beet blade can be added along both sides. This bucket has is hydraulically driven. It is delivered as standard without stirrer and third hydraulic engine drive (refer to the options). We recommend purchasing the Cobranox channel or the bucket in Cobranox to ensure a longer bucket life cycle.

    The fodder buckets with two augers for telescopic handler are all delivered as standard with an OMS engine with an oil flow of up to 70 l/min. An OMT engine is provided when the flow is greater.

    Three double-acting valves and one oil leakage connection are required for the tractor.

  • Silage systems:

    The following silage extraction systems can be added:

    • Claw
    • Hydraulic retractable board
    • Silage block cutter
    • Hydraulic saw

    Milling machine

  • Specifications:
    Volume ±WidthOn telescopic handler (weight ±)On tractor (weight ±)
    500 l 1,20 m 490 kg  
    800 l 1,60 m 540 kg  
    1 100 l 1,90 m 600 kg 680 kg
    1 400 l 2,20 m 700 kg 780 kg
    1 800 l 2,40 m 780 kg 860 kg
    2 200 l 2,60 m 890 kg 960 kg
    2 600 l 2,80 m   1 050 kg
  • Options:
    • Stirrer to prevent bridging
    • Smaller size
    • Larger size
    • Grass version
    • Rotating blade for cutting potatoes or beet with shear bolt
    • Two heavy-duty augers: 10 mm thick over complete length
    • Heavy-duty engine
    • Cobranox bucket (abrasion-resistant steel)
    • Cobranox channels

    Control unit with multifunctional lever for up to four additional functions

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