Fodder Wagon

Fodder Wagon

The Fodder Wagon is ideal for rapid feeding of all kinds of fodder.

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  • Standard equipment:

    If the machine is filled in layers, the feed is already mixed to a large extent.
    The machine is equipped with two distribution rollers. These dispense the fodder onto a discharge conveyor belt. This can unload fodder to the left or to the right.
    It is also possible to distribute unchopped bales of grass, this needs two aggressive rollers (optional).

  • Options:

    Bumper with lights
    Electric control
    Wide angle PTO shaft (single sided)
    Cap above rollers
    Rear discharge
    Hydraulic stand
    Aggressive rollers for distributing bales of compressed grass

  • Specifications:

    Discharge at the front to the left and to the right
    2 distribution rollers
    Wheels: 12.5/80-18
    Operation: valve block above the towbar

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