Fodder bucket with floor conveyor for telescopic handlers

Fodder bucket with floor conveyor for telescopic handlers

These fodder buckets are ideal for rapid feeding with all types of fodder, including long grass.

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  • Standard equipment:

    Silage can be cut with a silage grabber, saw, telescopic saw, a cutter, or a retractable blade with teeth. As standard, discharging is on one side.
    Advantage of a tilting model (instead of a non-tilting model): when discharging, the fodder automatically slides on to the discharge belt, with a non-tilting model the fodder must be pushed onto the belt with the claw (or saw).

    A tilting model works just like a tilting bucket: potatoes, pulp and moist fodder can simply be scooped up, there is no need to ‘muck around’ with the retractable claw.

  • Options:

    2nd side discharge
    Beet cutting system
    Silage grabber
    Retractable blade with teeth
    Hydraulic saw
    Silage grabber (only for telescopic handlers)
    Electric remote control (also wireless)
    Weighing system
    Larger capacity (model A, B of C)
    Bucket (or parts of it) in COBRANOX (durable stainless steel, high resistance to abrasion and acids)

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