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Beet cleaning basket

<Beet cleaning basket >

Fast cleaning of beet. Cleaning in water as an option.

  • Standard:

    Fast and efficient cleaning of beets or other tuber vegetables.
    The cleaning drum opens automatically, the beets are scooped up after which the basket is closed.
    The beet cleaner drum now turns. A water basin or a water jet can be used to ensure a perfect result.


  • Specifications:
     Model AModel B
    Basket diameter 1 000 mm 1 300 mm
    Type ABK M XL
    Basket width Total width
    1.60 m 2.00 m
    2.00 m 2.40 m
    2.40 m 2.80 m
  • Options:

    A cutter can be added to the machine.

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